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Cheryle Bourne

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So begins my 23rd year of teaching at Delburne School! I am currently working with my fifth administrator, and my fifth Jr/Sr High vice principal, and to date I am proud to say I have outlasted them all!!!  What I had believed to be a stepping stone in my teaching career turned out to be a lifetime committment, and I am happy it has turned out to be so!  Like Mr. Genert said to me 20 years ago:  "You're going to be a lifer!!"  Happily so!

I received a bit of a promotion this year (so to speak!) as I will be moving up to teach a grade 9 math class for the first time.  Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks??  I will be teaching Math 7, Math 8, Math 9, and Science 8 this year, as well as an RTI/Flex 8 class. 

Mr U and I will be coaching the White volleyball team again this year, and I am sooooo excited to say that my eldest daughter ( whose age will not be disclosed by me!) has joined our staff at Delburne.  She will be coaching the grade 7 girls volleyball (oh, and teaching grade 4). My heart swells as I write this!

My middle child has recently completed her B of A degree, and is planning a trip to Mt. Everest base camp in October!  Adventuresome soul!!

My baby girl (who is obviously no longer a baby) is working with children at an after school care center, and is planning on attending school next year ... to become a teacher!!  

I am looking forward to the 2018-19 school year and the changes that are taking place at our school!  

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