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Kaytlin Betts

Teachers - High School

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Teaching Assignment: Art 9, 10, 20, 30   English 9   English 10-1/10-2   Social Studies 10-1/10-2   CALM   Health 9

I am enthusiastic and feeling energized to begin my third year with Delburne Centralized School in addition to moving into my first home! I spent the summer moving, hiking, painting and building a fence and these new opportunities and challenges have inspired me to push my students to new limits and aid in their success.

This year will be an opportunity for myself and my students in grade 10's study of globalization in a world run by some interesting politicians that are sure to fuel enlightening and passionate conversations. We will have to look critically in both English and Social Studies to determine how our identity affects the community on a local and global scale. 

 This year my art students will have the opportunity to paint on canvas, experiment with glass etching and make prints with a real-life printing press! Chances are we will make mistakes, throw out some potential masterpieces and accidentally create something great. 

When I am not teaching and learning about politics, Shakespeare and sculpture I usually take my dog Koda for walks, binge-watch Netflix, bake more cookies than I know what to do with or start a painting that I will hide in my closet for three months and then rush to finish before Christmas. 

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right' (Henry Ford)



Ms. Betts