About Us

Welcome to Delburne Centralized School

Delburne Centralized School is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Alberta’s Parkland, approximately 45 km east of Red Deer.  Our family-oriented school serves approximately 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 who live in the village of Delburne and the surrounding area. Elnora School is our primary feeder school and we are proud to welcome Elnora students when they join us in Grade 9.

Our school mission is to facilitate each student’s success.  We hope that all students will experience a Quality Learning Environment in every facet of their education at D.C.S. Delburne School offers a full range of academic courses as well as opportunities for students to participate in work experience and apprenticeship programs. Additional help is available for students requiring it on both a short term and long term basis. Our staff is proud that we make every effort to promote the students’ academic, physical, social, and emotional growth.  

Athletics is a large focus and the Delburne Trojans have a proud, successful history of team and individual success.  We support a wide range of extracurricular opportunities that further connect students to their school. Our goal for the school involves having as many students as possible actively participating in an extracurricular activity.

We have an active Parent Advisory Committee, a monthly newsletter called the Trojan Tribune, regular assemblies to recognize excellence, a hot lunch program, a daily community-run breakfast program, and a strong core of volunteers. We look for opportunities for our students to be involved in the community and to give back the support they receive on a regular basis.  

Our School Trustee for DCS is Colleen Butler who was previously our Vice-Principal.  The link to her bio is here.  Colleen does a lot of great things for our school and community including organizing the Sr. High Award's Night.


  • To enhance students’ sense of belonging; mastery; independence and creative problem solving; and generosity towards others and community.
  • To have students take increased responsibility for planning and time management.
  • To structure our school for flexibility in time, resources, and educational choice.
  • To increase student learning.
  • To improve communication with all stakeholders.


Within our school exists a community fitness gym. Due to COVID-19 and CESD RE-Entry Plan policies, the gym will not re-open until further notice. For more information please call 403-749-3838.