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Tracey Kozey

Teachers - High School

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I had an exciting full summer with my family.  We had the opportunity to visit Callaway Park (the log ride is very wet), camp at Ol'McDonalds (can you hit that shoe bin with your shoes?), have family time with my relatives at different lakes in Saskatchewan (Good Spirit ice cream rocks), catch some rays (and a whole lot of water) at Discovery Canyon, learn how to fly fish at a hunters' education camp at Alford Lake (casted and caught myself at one point), and shoot some clay pigeons with a semi-automatic 12 guage (shoot enough rounds and you will get a sore shoulder).

My background includes 2 university degrees, one in Physical Education and one in Education.  In education I worked hard for a double major of Science and Physical Education and a minor in English. I might have had a little fun getting into trouble too.

I am looking forward to an amazing year with amazing students in science and physical education.  This year I have the opportunity to teach Science 9, Science 10, Biology 20, Biology 30, Marine Biology, Intramurals 9, and PE girls 6/7/8.