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David Hope

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I have been teaching grade four at Delburne School for about ten years.  I have been rowing with the Central Alberta Rowing Club for seven years.  I have three children.  My oldest has graduated from SAIT in x-ray technology, and is now working at the hospital in Diagnostic Imaging in the Red Deer Hospital.  I have a son that has graduated from twelve.  He loves running and is now coaching the cross country team at Hunting Hills High School. I also have a daughter in second year of engineering at the University of Alberta.  One of my hobbies is making boomerangs.  I usually have a boomerang club sometime during the year. I like to play the guitar, and a few years ago  I made a guitar out of a piece of wood and a cigar box. I also run a Cigar Box Guitar club at the school.  I used to skateboard with my son, but now I stick to longboarding because I am too old to do tricks!  Our class collects the paper from all of  the classrooms and we send it to be recycled. Please check out the homework section for upcoming agendas and notes in different subjects. 

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