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Cheryle Bourne

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I'm not ever sure who reads our bio on this website; therefore I never know how much information to give, or how much history to include.  I guess I will give a "nutshell" view here.

I have had the pleasure of teaching Junior High (Middle School) for 22 years in Delburne School.  Although the classes have varied over the years, my primary focus has been phys ed, math and science.  Being that I am getting much older, looks like math and science are the classes that are still on my docket!!

My great love is the volleyball program in the school!  I have coached at different levels every year of teaching.  In the past few years, I keep wondering: "Might this be my last season?".  Well, apparently not!!!  I am back to coaching the junior high girls team again, with the help of Derk Unterschultz.  

Three of my daughters have graduation from Delburne School ... I sure miss having them in the hallways to fulfill my hug quota!!

I am looking forward to another fantastic school year, and  I hope if you are reading this, I've provided you with a little bit of insight!!  



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