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Jackie Smith

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Hello – thank you for taking a moment to read this.  My name is Jackie Smith and this year I will be working with many of the same students I’ve taught for the past two years.  I find it exciting that the same group of students I taught science and social to in grade one and in grade two taught art to, that I will be their homeroom teacher in grade three. 

Our year together will be meaningful, engaging,  and challenging.  We will all grow and develop as learners as we encourage ourselves and support each other.  We are going to stretch our thinking to be able reach our new potential.  

The students and I have already agreed,

                                                “In our class we make mistakes. 
                                                                                 In our class we do corrections.”

If you are ever looking for the class newsletter please go to the main page of the school website, scroll towards the bottom and click on the homework link  You will be able to find our class postings on the 3Sm page.  

 If at any time during the school year there are questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s learning experience please take a moment to reach out  – together we can all be magnificent.